A Vegetable For Every Season

At Veg & More we have a fantastic range of the finest and freshest fruit and vegetables for you to order. Have a look at our product list to see exactly what’s in season and place your order today!




Fruit Availability Season
Apples year-round May Fresh apples. Stored apples available for the rest of the year
Avo's year-round March - Mid Nov Local. Imported from Spain Nov to March
Berries year-round  
Strawberries year-round Jul - Dec Local. Imported Dec - Jul
BlueBerries Seasonal Sept - March Local Imported mid Jul – mid Sept
Raspberries Seasonal End Nov - Mid May
Gooseberries Seasonal March - Oct. Local season only
Cherries Seasonal Nov - end Dec local. Imported from Morocco Jun - Jul
Red Currants Seasonal First 2 weeks in December only
Citrus Seasonal May - End Nov local. Imported from Israel Dec - Apr
Apples & Pears year-round Jan - May. CA Stored Jun - Dec
Figs Seasonal End Dec - Early May only
Fruiting Veg year-round  
Grapes Seasonal Dec - Mid Mar local. Imported from June onwards
Melon year-round  
Watermelon Seasonal Nov - Apr
Mangoes Seasonal Dec - Apr
Pomegranates Seasonal Mar - May
Dragon Fruit Seasonal Mar - May
Quince Seasonal May - Aug
Kiwi Fruit year-round  
Persimmons Seasonal Mar - Aug
Stone Fruit    
Nectarines Seasonal Start Nov
Apricots Seasonal End Nov - Mid Jan
Desert Peaches Seasonal End Nov - Mar
Cling Peaches Seasonal End Nov - Mar
Plums Seasonal End Nov - Mid May
Apriums Seasonal Dec Only
Pluots Seasonal Jan - Feb
Papaya Year round  
Banana Year round  
Pineapples Year round  
Granadilla Seasonal Late Dec - Sep
Litchies Seasonal Dec - Mar


Veg Availability Season
Asparagus year-round Sept - Feb Local. Imported from Chile March to Aug
Chinese Cabbage year-round Chinese Cabbage tends to sprout during high summer
Herbs year-round  
Lettuce year-round  
Mushrooms Year round Specialty
Tomatoes/Long Life / English Tom year-round  
Cherry Tomatoes year-round  
Rosa Tomatoes year-round  
Bella Tomatoes year-round  
On the Vine Tomatoes Seasonal Nov - May
Yellow Cherry Tom Seasonal Nov - May
Onions/Red, white and Spring onions Year round  
Peppers/Green, Red and Yellow Year round  
Podded Veg /  Peas Ect Year round Imported from Kenya, Zambia
Potatoes Year round New Varieties include Ami, Nicola, Fingerlings
Root Veg Year round  
Beets, Turnips, Parsnip and Radish    
Stalks and Stems    
Artichokes Seasonal Nov - Feb
Artichokes: Jerusalem Seasonal Mar - Apr
Asparagus: Green Year round Sep - Feb local. / Imported from South America Mar - Aug
Asparagus: White Seasonal

Oct - End Nov