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We, at Veg & More, subscribe to the highest standards of quality and service in all areas of our business.

Veg & More was established 2013. We started the company on the principles of quality and service, always striving to provide the best in everything that we do. The company has intimate knowledge of the fruit and vegetable producing areas throughout South Africa, as well as neighbouring states. This knowledge allows us to provide only the very best produce to your doorstep.


We distribute to all areas of the Western Cape, Cape Town, with few exceptions.


There are no shortcuts with pricing, and rock-bottom pricing will inevitably partner poor quality.


However, at Veg & More we do couple competitive pricing with the excellence of service and quality. We have put a great deal of time and effort into streamlining our operations and identifying where cost savings could be made without impacting on the quality or service excellence – and once again these savings have been passed on to our customers.


Not only do we offer Fresh Fast Fruit and Veg but we also offer unmatched levels of quality and service at highly competitive pricing.


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PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS, EXPERIENCED SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON… Veg & More servicing the hospitality catering industry since 2013.